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Who is Dialogr Systems?

Dialogr Systems LLC is a strategic relationship between Dialogr Technologies in San Luis Obispo, California and the Iowa State University Polymer and Food Protection Consortium, Ames Iowa.

Dialogr Technologies

Dialogr Technologies is a systems integrator and information sciences company. Our distinctive competencies include data science and analytics, software and hardware integration. Data analytics include advanced work in mathematical modelling, artificial neural networks, pattern recognition and other big data tools. Our services include automated food-saftey certification processes

ISU Research Consortium

The ISU Polymer and Food Protection Consortium offers batch testing and product content validation services. They specialize in the assessment of recycled package contaminant migration, biodegradation and composting. Other services include package design with focus on material reduction and shipping efficiency.

Strategic Partners

Other strategic partners include:
1. World-Class manufacturers of organic and inorganic sensor technologies;
2. State-of-the art software and information service support;
3. Large thermoplastic packaging manufactures who service America's major retailers and ship product worldwide.

Investor Relations

For investment questions and opportunites, contact or

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